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Không gian tiệc cưới phong cách cho các cặp đôi

Here at Silverland Hospitality, we don't just see a heartwarming wedding as a special day for the couple; we see it as an opportunity for everyone to bask in unforgettable moments in a stylish setting that truly reflects the hosts' personal touch.

This philosophy is at the heart of our "Luxury is personal" principle, embodied in Silverland Hospitality's banquet halls – where each of the 5 halls tells a unique story with distinctive personalities, offering a wide ragne of options for couples.

1. ERY Hall

Imagine a canvas blending culture and architecture inspired by Son Doong Cave – that's the ERY Hall. It sets the stage for a dazzling wedding, almost like stepping into a fairy-tale garden. Perfect for couples who want a nature-themed wedding celebration.

  • Capacity: 100 guests 
  • Number of tables: 10 tables
Không gian sảnh tiệc Ery
ERY Hall - Elegant, capturing the poetic essence of nature

2. ROOTY Hall

Crafted entirely from rusted iron materials, the ROOTY Hall offers a robust and spacious backdrop with a touch of sophistication. With a refreshing view from the airy rooftop, ROOTY seamlessly blends indoor elegance with an outdoor vibe.

  • Capacity: 90 guests 
  • Number of tables: 9 tables
ROOTY Hall - An outdoor wedding space with a poetic touch

3. PREI Hall

Boasting a spacious rooftop area with a pool spanning over 150m2, PREI Hall is like a hidden gem nestled in the lush greenery of the city, offering enchanting beauty for outdoor weddings.

  • Capacity: 60 guests 
  • Number of tables: 6 tables
Tiệc ngoài trời
PREI Hall - Sophisticated and spacious, with a touch of romance

Our business team at Silverland Hospitality is all set to offer hands-on advice and pitch in ideas for décor themes that match the couple's budget and vibe. This way, couples can save time and hassle in wedding prep, letting them soak up every moment of their special day with family, friends, and loved ones.

Opting for our banquet hall services, clients can choose theme colors based on their preferences, topics, or seasons for wedding decor. Details like the wedding hall, floral arrangements, fresh flower accessories, wedding cake, champagne tower, stage, aisle, and dining tables are meticulously designed to ensure the perfect setting for the couple's big day.

Our professional service crew, always attentive and dedicated to every event, coupled with a diverse and customizable menu, blending Asian and Western flavors seamlessly, serves as the cherry on top to make the newlyweds' moments overflow with emotions.

For more details and the best assistance, please contact:

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