ROOTY BAR - A fusion of sophistication and elegance.

Located on the 15th floor of The Myst Dong Khoi hotel with a 24m infinity swimming pool, ROOTY BAR offers panoramic views and a classy space that harmoniously blends tradition and modern style. ROOTY BAR is not just a bar, but also a symbol of elegance, maturity, and sophistication, carrying the unique charm of a very different Saigon.

Inspired by the city’s restoration after natural disasters and epidemics, ROOTY BAR’s main space is made entirely from rusted iron, bringing a sense of nostalgia and preserving the traces of time, where the past and present intersect in a subtle way. The distinctive decorative style with the highlight of three contemporary works of art by artist Bui Thanh Tam will make customers feel like they are entering a treasure trove of past memories and stories connected to the present through meaningful details.

The bartender team at ROOTY BAR is both experienced and knowledgeable about the art of mixing, and knows how to advise and recommend drinks that suit customers’ personal preferences. The diverse and flexible drink menu, along with our skilled and professional bartenders, will turn your cocktails into a work of art. From classic cocktails to beautifully presented new creations, customers will have the opportunity to discover and enjoy unique flavors along with memorable visual and taste experiences.

ROOTY BAR offers a one-of-a-kind atmosphere and an array of enticing beverage options.

In addition, we also regularly organize special events with guests who are experts in the beverage industry and music programs, giving customers a diverse experience of culture and art. From elegant jazz nights, to captivating funky classic music, to modern disco music or vibrant live music performances, ROOTY BAR is the place for you to immerse yourself in the musical atmosphere, sip a cocktail and relax. See the city at night.

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Hotline: 0903 178 268